úterý 27. února 2007

SISSY /sisi/
slaboch, padavka; zženštilý muž - hovorová angličtina

A boy is described as a sissy, especially by other boys, if he does not like sport and is afraid to do things that are slightly dangerous.
A girl is described as a sissy, especially by other girls, if she is weak and cowardly.

1) Slovo můžeme psát i cissy.
2) Sissy is a nickname formed from sister, given to girls to indicate their role in the family, especially the oldest female sibling. For some girls and women, sissy is used so much that it replaces the given name. The actress Sissy Spacek, whose name is actually Mary Elizabeth, is a well-known person known as "Sissy".

1) Je to padavka, je slabý a zbabělý.
2) Nebuď takový slaboch!

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