About us

We became friends in 1997 while working in Grand Lake, Colorado. We had so much fun that we returned for seven more summers. We travelled together and saw some beautiful places - Mexico, Jamaica, Morocco, Spain, Costa Rica. We worked hard. We played hard. Although now living our lives in different parts of the Czech Republic, we decided to share our common interest in English and photography with you, readers of this blog.

We both teach English. Marta is teaching adults in Prague and Marcela teenagers in Uherské Hradiště.

Why Cabin 54? That´s the number of the cabin where we lived for most of our summers in Colorado. We spent long hours talking there, looking for advice or a solution. Saying that a topic or a problem "calls for 54" has become a set phrase for us. So when an idea of doing a blog together came up, we didn´t have to look for its name for long.
Marta and Marcela

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