sobota 24. května 2008

OUTGOING /autgәuiŋ/
otevřený, nesobecký, společenský

How to Be Outgoing?
Being "outgoing" isn't really that hard. Even the shyest people can accomplish being outgoing. Being outgoing really helps with your social life! But how can I be outgoing? You might ask. So, here's a how-to on how to be outgoing!

1. Build up your confidence.
2. Feel comfortable.
3. Go out more often.
4. Smile more often.
5. Speak louder.
6. Speak to random people in the street.
7. Just talk.
8. Listen to people.
9. Voice your opinions.
10. Meet at least 1 new person everyday. Simply speak to them, smile and be yourself.


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